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‘I have twins who are…always hungry’: Bronx moms fight for gas in their homeless shelter

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Kristie Rosa, Nastassja Marti and Tarhena Walker have a strong bond.

They are fearless loving moms. They are also homeless and living in a Bronx shelter without gas.

They complain it breaks their heart they can't cook for their kids.

"I feel frustrated; I have 11 children; I feel frustrated, I get emotional. The kids get hungry, and I say, 'I know, baby. I'm sorry.' I'm trying my best. I have twins who are 5 years old always hungry," Kristie Rosa said.

The entire shelter on 187th Street has been without gas for four weeks now. One mom believes it is somehow linked to construction at a 99-cent store next door.

"Now that we are in this situation it's harder for us to have a voice," said Nastassja Marti, mother of four.

Their level of frustration is at a boiling point, so they reached out to PIX11. You know we reached out to Con Edison.

Con Ed said the fix is in the city's hands and a spokesperson saidĀ "we found unsafe conditions on the building equipment. As a safety precaution, the gas was temporarily shut off. The landlord, the city, has to make the repairs."

So we reached out to the Department of Homeless Services, and a spokesperson says they obtained a permit for the repairs and will be doing the repair work as soon as possible.

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