Defense asks for mistrial in New Jersey bridge trial; judge denies request to rescind jury instructions


NEWARK, N.J. —The judge in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing trial won’t rescind instructions she gave to the jury.

Judge Susan Wigenton on Thursday ruled against defense lawyers for two former allies of Republican Gov. Chris Christie who asked the judge to give new instructions on the top conspiracy count in the indictment.

Wigenton has yet to rule on a request for a mistrial by attorneys for Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni.

Defense attorneys argued vehemently that Wigenton should instruct jurors that they could find Baroni and Kelly not guilty if they felt the government hadn’t proved a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse Christie was the intended target of the traffic jams. But Wigenton refused.

Jurors have deliberated for parts of three days without reaching a verdict. They resumed deliberations Thursday morning.