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Long Island moms fighting heroin abuse, jail time for kids

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Heroin addition is a harsh reality all over the country, especially on Long Island.

Michelle Esquenazi, known as the Bail Bond Queen of New York, is usually the first person someone sees when they get out of jail.

Esquenazi is a mother four and former reality TV star, and president of the New York State Bail Bondsman Association.

"It transcends everything you would normally think a drug addict should look like really they look like your children," Esquenazi said.

She said she has a solution: putting young women from incarceration to rehab, programs like the Treatment Partners of America.

"Who would have thought an 11-year-old kid doing homework upstairs was shooting heroin, experiencing pills til she couldn't hide it anymore?" Janette Meyran said.

Her daughter Angela Meyran is 21 years old and is in rehab in Florida, 14 days clean.

She's come a long way.

Angela became addicted to heroin at the age of 11, when her father FDNY Lt. Curtis Meyran died on the job. Trapped in an apartment, he jumped five stories to avoid death.

It was called Black Sunday and it was a story that rocked New York City and this family.

The pain of that loss launched her into a vicious cycle of drug use, burglaries, and break-ins.

"This time being here has given me a chance to become spiritual to connect to a god of my understanding in a whole new way," Meyran said.

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