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Herricks school staff honored after saving student having heart attack

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NEW YORK   – Sanketh Kumar, an 8th grader at Herricks Middle School on Long Island, was running on a track during gym class last month when he collapsed and everything went black.

"I don't really remember anything from that moment," Kumar said.

He was having a heart attack. Students noticed his hands were spasming and rushed to get help.

"It was a beautiful day to start the school year," principal Joan Keegan said. "We got the call and everything came together."

Within seconds seven teachers and the school's nurse all sprung into action. They're trained in CPR but it wasn't working.

That's when the school's principal took out a defibrillator and it took one shock to get his heart beating again.

"There were no questions asked," Keegan said. "Everyone knew there was something they could do to get the outcome we got."

Sanketh and his mother are thankful for all the staffers who were able to save him.

"I can only say thank you very much for saving my son's life," Kumar's mother said.

The eight school staffers who saved his life were presented with the NY State Senate Liberty medal Tuesday morning by Senator Jack M. Martins.

It was well-deserved honor for a school staff to save a life at a moment's notice.