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Family’s pregnancy struggles bring them to an unconventional method to conceive

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Recent studies show more woman than ever are waiting to have kids, and unfortunately, biology has proven it becomes harder to get pregnant the older you get.

In this week’s Stories from the Heart, one family shares a different approach they took and how grateful they are for the one person who believed they could have a family.

Meet 16-month-old, Paloma. She’s happy, she’s spunky and for her parents...?

“It’s a total miracle," John Shaw smiled. "She’s our miracle baby.”

John and Donna Shaw tied the knot in 2013 after a whirlwind romance.

“It was absolutely love at first sight," John said. "I actually got up from my seat to talk over to her because I thought she was, as she is now, so beautiful."

Fertility and miscarriage rates as a function of maternal age. (Linda Heffner et al/Nejm)

Fertility and miscarriage rates as a function of maternal age. (Linda Heffner et al/Nejm)"The third day he met he told me he knew we should be together,” Donna remembered.

She was 41, he was 47. They both wanted a baby but knew that the statistics were against them.

“We had a chromosomal pregnancy in September and that miscarried, which was awful,” Donna described.

The Shaws decided it was time to try In Vitro Fertilization.

“We did two rounds of IVF that failed miserably and I was starting to lose faith in my body, it was really weird,” she said.

So, John and Donna decided it was time to try an unconventional approach.

“Athletes, people in business, all do it, you have a vision of what you want to do and it’s this whole notion of having faith in something not seen,” John explained.

They went to a workshop, ‘Calling In Your Baby’,  with clairvoyant, Tori Quisling, who’s been practicing for 30 years.

“I saw them as a very strong couple that was very open to speaking to spirit and understanding these techniques and ready to use them,” Quisling said.

One technique, is to envision your child at a playground, and invite that child into your life.

“You start to learn what the common blocks are in your own pregnancy and they can be where you want to compartmentalize your life and everything becomes a project,” she explained. "From my workshop you learn that you’re a participant."

"Having someone hold space for you, having someone that actually sees it for you, that knows in their body and their bones that you can be a mommy, is by far the most powerful thing,” Donna said with tears of joy.

And in June 2015, this little Paloma was born.

“We’re both madly in love, it’s the most important thing that’s happened to me," John smiled.

There are no facts that this method had direct correlation with Donna getting pregnant, but the Shaws truly believe this approach helped bring them their daughter.

“I think things had to happen the way they happened so I can share this story and say to everybody else exhaust everything, do everything you can,” Donna said.


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi