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Boy gives classmate heartwarming note: ‘If you liked me it would be my first ever victory’

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A fifth-grader’s romantic attempt to woo his classmate melted hearts everywhere after his love letter emerged online.

Reddit user dreichert87 posted the adorable note covered in stickers given to his niece along with an admission – the young Casanova has “more game than I will ever have.”

The letter read:

Dear Abby, Your eyes remind of the evening sky. My heart felt like a broken glass until I saw you and then I felt like I had every Pokemon ever. I love how you play Zelda even when people think its weird. If you liked me it would be my first ever victory. Love [name covered]”

Fellow users on the community sharing site raved at the boy’s choice of words and mention of Pokemon, earning cheers from just about everyone on the thread.

“No need to cover the name, clearly Shakespeare,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another said: “Every Pokemon ever. That must be one special girl.”

Despite his letter, young Abby was not interested in his advances, according to dreichert87.

“I was told the boy has previously hit a girl at school, so Abby declined. Although she said she will still remain friends and they continue to talk about Zelda in art class,” he wrote.

Still, the Reddit user cautions he does not have “official confirmation” and “elementary kids do as elementary kids do.”

The love note grew so popular, the girl’s mother got involved in the thread and told the story of her daughter’s reaction upon receiving it.

“A few days after receiving the note, she said she was going to throw it away because she found a few girls helped him design the note and another boy helped him with the wording,” Bbphoto614 wrote. “I explained that just makes it all more important. He outsourced help.”

Mom said Abby doesn’t feel the same way and suggested the boy is “a bit of a troublemaker.”

Still, she said her daughter will continue to be nice to little Romeo in art class and looks forward to meeting the boy.