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Donald Trump is sniffling again during the second presidential debate

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ST. LOUIS — Donald Trump is sniffling again during the town-hall style presidential debate Sunday night.

The Republican nominee is noticeably inhaling deeply through his nose in the early part of the debate at Washington University that started with the candidates refusing to shake hands.

Trump's heavy inhalations became a hot topic in the previous debate that took place 13 days ago at Hofstra University at Hempstead, New York. The noticeable sniffling generated hashtags like #trumpsniff on Twitter and the account @TrumpSniffle, which was created halfway through the debate.

During the second debate #sniffles was the trending hashtag taking over the social media site.

According to Time.com, Trump’s doctor released a note stating that the nominee's health is as “astonishingly excellent” and said he would “unequivocally” be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

When asked about it the morning after the first debate, Trump denied he'd been sniffling.

"No, no sniffles," he said on "Fox & Friends." ''No sniffles, no cold."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.