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Tri-State response teams preparing to assist in Hurricane Matthew’s aftermath

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NEW YORK -- As Hurricane Matthew drenched Florida through air and sea, there were plenty of preparations more than 900 miles away here in the city.

Over the last 24 hours, teams from the Red Cross and New York Task Force 1 were gearing up and rolling out. The city showcasing the team's efforts overnight in a video they released this afternoon highlighting some of the tools they were bringing with them.

The Task Force consists of personnel from the NYPD, the FDNY and OEM, who travel into disaster areas under the umbrella of FEMA.

It is a rare collaboration between the city and the Feds to help out other municipalities who will be taxed by the aftermath of this historic storm according to FDNY Battalion Chief Joseph Downey.

"The locals get overwhelmed," Chief Downey said. "If they get overwhelmed, they have no more resources to call in and you can bring in the federal teams. We are like the big brothers. We've got the training that exceeds some of the local levels. We've got more equipment than they have and probably more experience."

Personnel from New Jersey are also traveling to assist in the devastated region.