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Brooklyn sanitation worker tells Howard his case was trashed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BROOKLYN -- George Leight wants a trial. He’s unlikely to get it.

Leight is a former city sanitation worker who lost a leg on the job. It happened because he reacted to save a child.

“Kid ran in front of my truck. I hit a train station on Myrtle and Wilson and I got trapped in the truck,” George told me. “The dashboard came in on me. At first I didn’t realize what happened. I thought I got hit by another truck.”

Amputation of a leg below the knee was the only medical option.

George sued the city and the maker of his truck, Mack. The city was dropped from the case. And he had a letter indicating that Mack knew the truck’s bumper was defective.

“My attorneys at the time said this is your smoking gun. Right here! This is your whole case!”

But over 10 years of litigation George’s case was tossed out on summary judgment. The courts ruled the expert retained by his lawyers wasn’t really an expert when it came to the bumpers. So his opinion was invalid and there was no issue of fact for a judge or jury to decide.

George thinks his attorneys didn’t handle the case properly. After all, there was that letter. But in order to get another shot the New York Court of Appeals would have to take his case and decide in his favor.

That seems very unlikely.

But George is hoping somehow he can find an attorney willing to try.

“I’m not gonna let this go. I think that I deserve the justice that was supposed to be given to me.”