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Bronx chef looks to bring healthy eating to restaurants with signature salad

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BRONX, N.Y. — One local chef wants to change the culinary culture in The Bronx, one plate at a time.

King Phojanakong is the chef behind The Bronx Salad. He hopes restaurants in the borough will include it on their menus to promote healthy eating.

“We’re trying to get people to look at food in a different way,” he said.

The salad is made of ingredients commonly found in the Bronx and is topped with The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce.

Peppers for the sauce are grown in community gardens in the Bronx.

“If you love the Bronx the Bronx is on this plate,” Phojanakong told PIX11.

Four restaurants in the Bronx currently serve the signature salad.

Phojanakong says 30 more eateries will get on board next year.

The recipe for The Bronx Salad may be found online: www.bronxhotsauce.com