Poll shows half of Americans don’t know who VP candidates Pence, Kaine are

NEW YORK — To call this election season contentious would be the understatement of the century.

For those looking for some what of a break from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, look no further than the first and only Vice Presidential debate.

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence will come face-to-face with his Democratic counterpart Senator Tim Kaine in a showdown some are calling the “2016 Dad Summit.”

“Mainly you want to be solid, competent and a little bit boring,” Jebediah Reed, Digital Deputy Editor for New York Magazine told PIX11 News. “Both of these guys are a little bit

Boring indeed especially when you consider the scene-stealers they’re sharing their respective tickets with.

In fact, according to a new poll, both Pence and Kaine are widely unknown to voters.

“Hopefully democracy will do its work and a lot of those people will tune in tonight and not only learn their names but learn a bit about them too,” Reed said.

According to Reed, both VP candidates should aim to stay in their lanes, talk about issues and avoid the so-called “viral moment.”

“They don’t want to upstage the top of the ticket candidates and they don’t want to take a big risk basically because those zingers can also go wrong in a way,” he said.