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Police arrest three accused of impersonating cops

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Police found scanners and radios in the home of one of the suspects. (NYPD)

Police found scanners and radios in the home of one of the suspects. (NYPD)

NEW YORK — Police arrested three men who allegedly committed several robberies in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens, officials said.

Ricardo Torres, 29, Kevin Remache, 19 and Jay Peralta, 20, were arrested and hit with charges including robbery, criminal impersonation, making terroristic threats and arson.

Torres was arrested Sept. 25 in Queens after he and two others allegedly stole $60 and a Samsung Galaxy phone from a taxi driver who had just dropped off a passenger, police said. The men told the driver they were with the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Police found a slew of equipment when searching Torres’ home, including police scanners and portable radios.

Internal Affairs officers had previously identified Torres as a person of interest in a series of unauthorized transmissions over police radio frequencies, officials said. Torres allegedly used the frequencies to make bomb threats and threaten to shoot police officers. He also allegedly made false calls of officers in distress.

Evidence found in Torres’ home linked Jay Peralta to the illegal radio transmissions and robberies, police said. The evidence also tied Kevin Remache to the robberies.

The trio allegedly committed six robberies and one attempted robbery, officials said. In most of the incidents, they would pull over taxi drivers while impersonating police and steal the drivers’ wallets. They also allegedly stopped a 28-year-old man on a bicycle and ran off with his bike.

In several of the robberies, they allegedly sprayed an unknown substance into the victims’ faces, police said. Remache and Peralta are also accused of setting a black Chevrolet SUV on fire on Sept. 8.