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Michelle Ward stays positive despite two ‘boob cancer’ diagnoses, now raises money for cure

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“I like to call it boob cancer, because breast cancer always brings the room down," Michelle Ward smiled.

Michelle Ward isn't afraid to make light of her health situation.

“I announced it by writing a song on my pink ukulele called, 'I’ve got boob cancer',” she laughed.

Her stage 2 diagnosis came in November 2011 after she asked about some chest pain.

“I got my diagnosis at 33 so I certainly wasn’t having mammograms, I was very rarely doing self breast exams," Ward said.

She went through incredibly intense treatment, which she remarkably just lists off like a checklist.

“I went through four rounds of chemotherapy, I had two lumpectomies, and I had what i like to call a boobal removal, or a double mastectomy,” she explained.

She also got her ovaries removed as a precaution, yet, the then newlywed's spirit never faded as she dealt with the lingering physical and biological effects.

“We were trying to have a child and obviously all of those plans get put on hold,” she remembered. “So thankfully we were very fortunate to adopt our daughter in June of 2014.”

But a little more than a year later, more bad news.

“I found out, it came back and it was stage 3," Ward said. "It was in all of my Lymph nodes in my left arm but luckily it did not travel anywhere else.”

Michelle is now cancer free and helping to raise money to find a cure through the AVON Walk to End Breast Cancer.

“It seemed to not only be a positive thing that came out of this horrible diagnosis but I knew I needed something to keep me accountable to remain physically active,” she said.

So with her family and friends, she started 'Team Awesome' with the w being shaped as boobs.

“I had a friend who was a designer and can you make us a logo and she came back with this and we said this is perfect!” Ward smiled.

But her biggest cheerleaders are her husband and daughter, who wear their support on their sleeve.

The AVON Walk to End Breast Cancer takes place in NYC on October 15-16th.


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