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New surveillance video shows fatal bus accident in New Jersey

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NEWARK, N.J. – Newly released video captures the horrific August crash that involved two New Jersey Transit buses and killed a grandmother and a bus driver.

The surveillance tape shows a Route 59 New Jersey Transit bus speeding through the intersection at Raymond Boulevard and North Broad Street in Newark. It T-boned a Route 19 New Jersey Transit bus -- nearly rocking it to its side.

This happened on August 19. Two people were killed as a result of the accident -- 49-year-old Jesy Garcia of Newark, a passenger, was rushed to hospital and died several hours after the accident.

And the driver of the bus also died. His name was Joseph Barthelus and he was 70 years old and a 27-year-old employee of New Jersey Transit. He was the only person on board his bus.

A total of 17 people were on board the bus that was T-boned and many were extracted by firefighters with injuries.

It still unclear what happened with the driver of the fast-moving bus -- Mr. Barthelus. While investigators from the Essex County Prosecutors' Office have been working on this case -- publicly there are still questions like did Barthelus have a medical emergency of some kind or was there a bus malfunction?

At the time of the accident, NJ Transit stated that both drivers involved in the crash were in good standing with the agency.

The investigation is still ongoing.