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Could marijuana ‘dabbing’ have caused the Bronx house explosion?

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THE BRONX – Marijuana butane hash oil is known on the streets as "dabbing."

The recipe also has the potential for disaster.

Dabbing is a method of manipulating marijuana with butane until it looks like honey or wax. The result is a molten dose of THC with a stronger high. Some even smoke dabs with electronic cigarettes. And on YouTube you can find videos of dab blowups.

On Tuesday morning, an explosion at a Bronx home killed a beloved FDNY chief Michael J. Fahy.

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said police were in the initial stages of an investigation of a possible drug lab or grow house on the same block of the blast.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of it all but a gas odor was reported in the area before the explosion. The cause of the fire could have also been electrical in nature sparked by the lamps used to aid in the growth of marijuana.

Early studies show the dangers of dabbing to include rapid heartbeats, paranoia, blackouts and psychosis.