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Former Clinton rival knows what it’s like to debate her

Rick Lazio was a Congressman from New York back in 2000 when he was running for the U.S. Senate on the Republican line. He was up against former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

It was a relatively civil campaign until the two met for their first debate. Lazio was handling himself well, and appeared to be winning
the debate until he suddenly challenged Clinton.

He walked from his podium to hers pointing and waving a paper in front of her demanding that she sign a statement regarding soft money. She offered a handshake but no signature.

It was a defining moment in the campaign, with Lazio being branded a "bully." He lost the election.

Lazio sat down with me for an exclusive interview on this week's PIX 11 News Closeup for a look back at the momentous debate and offers some advice to Donald Trump who is about to get into the debate arena with Clinton.

He advises Trump to check his temper and "to be on the offense without being offensive." And he says both Trump and Clinton should "make sure their body language is in check."