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Sewer rats are taking over family’s home in Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn -- Nadine Saxon has lived in the Borinquen Houses in Williamsburg for 17 years.

But the past six months have been a nightmare: huge sewer rats have taken over her kitchen.

"Every time I turn on the stove, they come out. They are not afraid, but I am," said Laverne Bundy, one of Saxon's daughters.

Bundy said the family is afraid to cook, to eat, to even be in their kitchen.

She said the rats have taken over.

Bundy took video of herself turning on the stove and running before the rats make their way back and forth across the kitchen.

"I just want them to plaster the holes in our walls and exterminate immediately so my home can be livable again," Saxon said.

PIX11 News reached out to the Housing Authority, the agency in charge of the family's building.

A spokesperson says they are looking into the problem.