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Texas high school shooter aimed to kill stepbrother, herself: police

ALPINE, Texas — A 14-year-old freshman who shot and wounded a fellow student at a Texas high school before killing herself had planned to shoot her stepbrother, officials said.

One person has been shot at Alpine High School in western Texas, and two shooters are believed to be on the loose, the Brewster County Sheriff's office said Thursday, September 8, 2016. (Aileen Billingsley/Instagram)

Students gather last week outside Alpine High School after reports of an active shooter. (Aileen Billingsley/Instagram)

The girl’s plan was foiled Thursday when a 17-year-old junior walked into the girls’ restroom at Alpine High School, where the freshman girl was arming herself, police said. The shooter, whom police haven’t identified, aimed her gun at the older girl, who ducked and began running when she was shot in the lower body. Officials said that day that the wound was not life-threatening.

The teenager “then turned the gun on herself,” according to Alpine police. She had fired a total of five rounds.

The unidentified teenager had not been bullied, and it was not a factor in the incident, the Alpine Police Department said in a statement Tuesday. Police interviewed nearly all of the 290 students at the school.

The shooter had moved to Alpine, a community of 6,500 people, about six months ago, authorities had said last week after the shooting.

The Associated Press and CNN contributed to this report.