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‘Unmeasured Strength’: Mother severely burned during 9/11 terror attacks speaks of her survival

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Her story is one of resilience, courageous and nothing short of inspiring — it is by every definition, as her New York Times bestseller states on its cover, a story of "Unmeasured Strength."

Just months ago, Lauren Manning stood before the Democratic National Convention. Her path there, however, was not an easy one.

Manning was one of the most severely injured survivors on 9/11. More than 82 percent of her body was burned. On that day, she believed she would die but found the strength to hold on.

"For that day the most poignant thing that I will come away with is being in flames and this interminable, incalculable pain and looking upward screaming to my son, I won’t leave you. No, I can’t leave you now. I haven’t had you long enough," recalled Manning

Manning was newly married at the time, for about a year to her husband Greg. The two had a beautiful son Tyler, who was only 10 months old when the U.S. was attacked that 2001 day.

Their son witnessed it all — from Lauren’s infections, lung collapses, amputations and every step of her physical therapy and recovery. Much of this was even chronicled by Greg Manning through emails he wrote to friends, family and supporters all over the world.

Those emails even chronicled and published in a book entitled “Love, Greg and Lauren.”

As the country commemorates 15 years since 9/11 — since this country lost 2,996 innocent souls — Lauren Manning, along with her husband will be where they always are on 9/11, with her Cantor Fitzgerald family, remembering the colleagues and friends they lost.

Never, for a moment, Manning says, has she forgotten the power of her survival.

After all, with permanent scars and constant pain across her body, she can't:

"I am doing as well as can be expected. I am happy I open my eyes every day and take that breath and can get out of bed. I aimed to blow out any stat that said I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t and I defined myself by what I wanted. I look down and say I’m actually able to do this. I feel like the richest woman in the world," said Manning with a smile across her face.