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Woman fights for dog’s life after judge rules euthanasia for killing small dog

NEW DORP, Staten Island — A pit bull accused of killing two dogs and a cat will remain on death row after a Manhattan Supreme Court judge upheld the city's decision to euthanize the 7-year-old dog.

Caesar has been in solitary confinement at the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center since allegedly killing a Chihuahua in May.

His owners claim the conditions are so deplorable that Caesar almost died from pneumonia.

"I just want my dog home," Kristina Panattieri, the dog's owner, told PIX11. "I just want to save his life. He has suffered enough these past three months."

The Panattieris' plan to appeal the State Supreme Court decision while their lawyers also hope to file a federal suit against the city over shelter conditions.

Thom Page and Richard Rosenthal, known as "the dog lawyers," are hoping to not only spare the life of Caesar — who is also blamed for the deaths of a Maltese and cat — but to improve the conditions at animal care and control shelters across the city.

"We are dog lovers and we want to save all dogs," Panattieri said.