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Why Tim Tebow? Mets fans react after team signs player to minor league

NEW YORK -- When the Mets sent out a tweet Thursday morning stunning the sports world by announcing they had signed Tim Tebow to a minor league contract, it was not too challenging to find perplexed fans.

"Are you serious? To do what?," asked Mark, a Mets fan in front of the Mets clubhouse store on 42nd Street.

When informed Tebow will be taking part in their instructional league in Port St. Lucie, Florida he added, "Good luck to him is all I can say. It's a big jump from the NFL to MLB, so we'll see what he can do with Minor League pithing."

Even fans of the Mets' primary nemesis were happy that their club did not sign Tebow, "I am glad the Phillies didn't sign him, yeah."

Michael Wolf has been been a Phillis fan since Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. Don't bother with the math, that translates to nearly 60 years. Wolf shared with PIX 11 News, that perhaps the Mets scouts feel they found a gem for the diamond, "I am assuming that the Mets accounting staff probably saw something in Tebow they thought it was worth a chance."

Tebow was silent on his social media account with regards to the news. However, others though like Craig Carton did not mind offering up their perspective, "Laurel and hardy, at first and second. Abbott and Costello at short and third, Tebow pitching.

But believe it or not, Tebow already has much in common with other two-sport athletes like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan. All have polarized fans with their play. The difference with Tebow is that his body of work is not even remotely consistent to the previous three legendary athletes mentioned.

So why does Tebow standout?

William Wiener is a Manhattan-based sports psychologist who says that winning early on along with Tebow's stances on his religion and sex makes him different.

But not to a fault, "Tim Tebow is unique and I think society is infatuated with unique characters that have distinguishing qualities and he certainly fits that bill."