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Terrified mother dog abandoned at Atlantic Terminal subway station in need of forever home

BROOKLYN — A terrified dog was left to fend for herself as thousands of commuters shuffled along in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal during rush-hour last Wednesday.

Nearly an hour would go by until someone saw her, tied down and abandoned, and finally did something, calling 911.

Sadly, her story is pretty common.

The 2-year-old pit bull, now named Betsey, is in better hands.

Taken in by the non-profit animal rescue Mr. Bones and Co., a Manhattan-based organization that is making it their mission to find Betsey — and other dogs like her — forever homes.

"Its evident that she had multiple liters and most likely was abandoned because she was no longer of use," Marisa Grimshaw Co-Executive Director of Mr. Bones & Co. told PIX11 News.

"We see these cases more often than we like to and Betsey fortunately had somebody be her voice and speak up for her – a lot of dogs don’t get that opportunity."

Betsey is not the first — and certainly not the last — to be exploited for her liters.

Puppies usually resurface on places like Craigslist by those looking to make a quick buck.

"If you are constantly hearing a dog barking and crying, in your neighborhood, in a yard, and its something in your gut that you feel concerned about – trust your gut," Grimshaw said, describing the telltale signs of an abused dog. "Call the police."

In Betsey’s case, for the exception of overgrown nails and scabs on her coat, she was found in pretty good condition.

The team at Mr. Bones & Co. has found tremendous success with getting strays adopted, specifically pit bulls in the tri-state area.

Whether it’s a partnership with famed-photographer Sophie Gamand who features pups up-for-adoption in her adorable #PitBullFlowerPower series or the organization’s upcoming “Rescue the Runway” show – where pits walk the runway with their rescuers, the goal each and every time is to find the neglected a place they could call home forever.

"She’s a little unsure about life and the outside world but she wants to trust," Grimshaw said about Betsey. "We have no doubt that she will blossom into a wonderful dog."