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Backstage on Broadway: Time to check in with the new musical ‘Holiday Inn’

It's time to check in at Holiday Inn.

This musical is bringing the songs of the legendary Irving Berlin to the stage.

“It has taken hundreds of people and the better part of a year to plan this and to put it all together,” Gordon Greenberg, director, said.

Putting together a new show is no easy task, director Gordon Greenberg shares what it takes to get from the rehearsal room to Broadway.

“It’s sort of amazing, there are so many departments that have to work in sync," he explained. "The magic of a musical is that you miraculously get hundreds of people to think the same thing at the same time.”

That common goal leads to respect and strengthened relationships.

“When we finally get to the theater and we hear the stagehands cursing and drilling and yelling at each other, we understand that they’ve spent days and weeks and months of their lives too, preparing for this moment,” Greenberg said.

From stagehands and designers to the producers and performers, it's about working as one.

“The Holiday Inn is about bringing everybody together no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your beliefs are,” Megan Sikora, who plays Lila, described.

Holiday Inn is based off the 1942 film about a man, Jim, who leaves his life of showbiz behind and settles in a Connecticut farmhouse.

“Without question, I think about it every day," Bryce Pinkham smiled. "I'd love to like AirBnB a place and just go."

The glitz and glam of the Great White Way is never far from their hearts as the characters begin putting on performances for a wide range of holidays.

“There’s really such joy and life in all of it," Corbin Bleu, who plays Ted, smiled. "I really feel like people will be infused in when they come to this show.”

So, we had to ask, what holiday is their favorite?

"Mine is Halloween!” Lora Lee Gayer, who plays Linda, said. “Our house was like the house to go to, super scary. It’s so fun!"

Holiday Inn is currently in previews at Studio 54 and officially opens on October 6th.


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi and Rebecca Millman