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Brooklyn landlord tells tenants all animals must be gone in 48 hours

Tenants of the Caribe Gardens apartment complex in Williamsburg were told last month they could no longer keep dogs and cats as pets.

Landlord AMS Realty said pets were against the leases tenants signed, although some have kept pets there for years.

"I got that letter and I freaked out. I just broke down," said Daisy Alicea, a tenant currently living with six dogs and three cats.

Alicea is a breast cancer survivor and says her dogs brought her comfort during chemotherapy.

Angie Alicea is president of the tenants' association. She told PIX11, "I think it's a scare tactic to get the tenants very frustrated so most of us can move out."

The tenants have reached out to City Councilman Antonio Reynoso in hopes he can help them negotiate an agreement with the landlord.

AMS Realty did not return PIX11's request for comment Tuesday.