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NYPD sends warning after internet bulletin mocks security at J’ouvert festival

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — A controversial Internet Bulletin mocking the security at J’ouvert festival is placing the NYPD on high alert just days before the event kicks off.

The blog called "Thee Rant" has organizers of the festival upset after posts asking to  people to "place your bets gentlemen, the mayhem is about to start."

A cop, identified as "Officer Joe Bolton," started the blog entry.

Pastor Gilford Monrose, who has been on the for front of planning and putting together an extensive security plan, said "it's a low blow, instead of hiding behind a computer why don't those officers sign up to work shifts during J'ouvert to keep us safe."

A NYPD spokesperson said in a statement to PIX11 News:

"We do not have the ability to determine the identity of those commenting on this blog. The police department has no tolerance for violence at J’ouvert or at any other time for that matter."

The blog is not affiliated with the NYPD, however it's open to current and retired police officers.

Last year, Carey Gabay, a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo, was shot and killed while walking by the J'ouvert festival. The gunman is a suspected gang member.

The festival is held in the early hours on Labor Day, leading in to the West Indian American Day parade. However, the celebration is often surrounded by violence.