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New York stores charge sales tax on tampons – even though it’s now illegal

NEW YORK — The tampon tax was officially over Thursday, but women around New York have found that some stores charged tax on their purchases today.

Women have been tweeting copies of their receipts and it looks like the exemption is off to a rocky start.

Women who are incorrectly charged tax on their purchases of tampons or other now-exempt hygiene products can file for a refund with the state, Cuomo tweeted Thursday.

Not all stores incorrectly charged tax – some women celebrated the change by sharing photos of their tax-free receipts.

Women around the state should save about $10 million a year now that they don’t have to pay taxes on feminine hygiene products. New York, which shut down the more than 50-year-old tax in July, is one of just a handful of states that has exempted tampons and similar products from taxation.

“Eliminating this regressive tax on women was a matter of fairness and I am proud to have signed this legislation to right that wrong,” Cuomo said. “With the law in effect, we have taken one more step toward a more just and more fair New York for all.”