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Police give surprise thank you present to 5-year-old boy who bought them lunch

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP, N.J.  — Police made a 5-year-old boy an honorary officer after he used his allowance to buy them lunch and now the boy has his own battery-operated cruiser.

William Evertz Jr. saved up his allowance for seven months and spent it on Aug. 24 to buy lunch for police officers in his southern New Jersey town. He told his mother he wanted the officers to rest and eat healthy food so they could protect the town.

Police officers were wowed by the gift and decided to buy Evertz a customized cruiser – complete with Winslow Township police decals and a vanity license plate with Evertz’ nickname, Bubba.

A motorcade of cruisers and police motorcycles, lights flashing and sirens blaring, drove up to an excited Bubba to give him his gift. Bubba took his new ride for a spin after officers took the cruiser out of a trailer.

Bubba and his older cousin Josh also recently donated clothing, school supplies and toys to a local women’s shelter.