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Michigan woman fined for putting up American flag on her door

DAVISON, Mich. — Americans across the United States love to show their pride in their country by displaying the flag on their front lawn or on their front doors.

But one town home complex in Michigan says the stars and stripes should be forever displayed inside the home.

According to PIX11 affiliate FOX6, Doris Fladzinkski had Old Glory proudly displayed on her front door at the Kearsley Creek Townhouses in Davidson.

But she claims that she received a notice from the management office saying she would be fined $25 a day if she didn't take the flag down.

Management told TV5 that the lease states restrictions when it comes to flags and decorations, and that if they allow a flag on one person's door, it could potentially lead to other offensive displays.

The woman reportedly is refusing to budge.

She told local media that she pays to live in the complex and that the door is part of her property to display whatever she likes.