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Cricket prankster Zaida Pugh to appear in court on reckless endangerment charges

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — Zaida Pugh was arrested and faces reckless endangerment charges after a subway prank that involved crickets and worms on a Brooklyn-bound D train.

One of the passengers spoke exclusively to PIX11 News about the ordeal.

“Zaida Pugh, I don't know what was running through your mind if you thought this was going to be your break to get on Broadway, crickets on a train,” said the straphanger who only wants to be identified by his first name, Sal.

“What people are not understanding is that after the crickets and the worms were let loose, she was walking around with little clear plastic containers,” Sal said. “She was throwing these around in people’s faces.”

Speaking only to PIX11 News, Sal said he has no idea what was in those containers.

“We were trapped, we had nowhere to go, we couldn't go to the other cars. The doors were locked. Somebody pulled the emergency cord, we were trapped there for 20 minutes.”

As she was walked out of the NYPD Transit Bureau in Coney Island Tuesday in handcuffs, Pugh told reporters her stunt “was to show how homeless people are treated.”

Pugh will be arraigned Wednesday in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Brooklyn DA's office at 718-250-2340.