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Hurricane watch for part of Florida; tropical systems raise rip-current risks for New York shore

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Hurricane Gaston out in the open Atlantic will continue to unleash rip currents along ocean-facing shoreline in the tri-state area, while two separate tropical systems still well south of New York will eventually whip up waters in New York even more this Labor Day weekend.

Those systems, Tropical Depressions 8 and 9, continue to spin off the coast of the Outer Banks and the Gulf of Mexico, respectively.

T.D. 8 is nearly stationary and is only 70 miles south of Cape Hatteras. Some strengthening is expected, and tropical storm warnings have been issued issued for the region as the storm inches closer before heading out to sea on Wednesday.

Tropical storm conditions are expected by Tuesday night with winds of 39 mph or higher. Rainfall amounts could total 1-3” with as much of 5” possible in spots.

Tropical Depression 9 is slowing drifting northwest in the Gulf of Mexico some 340 miles west of the Florida Keys. The storm is bringing a lot of rain across western sections of Cuba.

As much 5-10” of rain is possible for Florida panhandle through Friday, where parts of the coast are under hurricane watch. The storm is expected to become a tropical storm and make the turn to the northeast over the Gulf Coast of Florida sometime on Thursday or Friday.

Aside from choppy and dangerous seas, the storms are not expected to impact the tri-state area directly, but caution is urged for anybody planning to swim or boat in coastal waters.