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EXCLUSIVE: Harlem resident speaks out after allegedly being assaulted by homeless shelter employees

HARLEM -- In an exclusive interview with PIX11 News Monday night, Alexis Fleming says he was assaulted by two employees of his homeless shelter last week.

“The case manager came down and attacked me,” Fleming told PIX11.

Fleming and his wife moved to The Dawn shelter in Harlem two years ago. His wife, Miranda Baker, says they became concerned last Friday after the management “put a flyer in the building saying as of midnight the 31st there will be new management coming in.”

When Fleming questioned what was going on, he claims “the case manager of the shelter said something to me, I said something to him, and he ran down the stairs and all I know is three people jumping me.”

Fleming was injured and went to the hospital.

New York City Police confirmed to PIX11 News Monday that Efrain Echevarria and Eric Jimenez were both arrested after the confrontation and charged with assault.

Fleming, who is also a father, said he is now afraid for his family’s safety.

Jimenez declined to comment on the allegations to PIX 11. The shelter is run by Gordon Duggins.

According to Department of Homeless Services spokesperson Lauren Gray, a replacement provider of services at The Dawn has been identified and residents will be notified of the change Wednesday.