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Official: 233 confirmed Zika cases in NYC, number will rise

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NEW YORK — A public health official says there are currently 233 confirmed Zika cases in New York City, a number that will likely rise in the coming months.

Health Commissioner Mary Bassett says Wednesday more than half of the cases were detected in people who recently arrived from the Dominican Republic.

She says another 20 were detected in people arriving from Puerto Rico and 14 others from those who had visited Guyana.

Majority of people who tested positive for Zika lived in the Bronx, with 95 confirmed cases. There were 52 cases in Manhattan, 47 in Queens and 39 in Brooklyn, according to the New York Times.

Out of the 233 cases, 162 were female and 24 were pregnant at the time.

In New York state, 324 cases of Zika have been identified and have all been associated with travel to areas where mosquitoes are known to transmit it, the state’s Health Department says. It says Thursday it has found no cases so far from mosquito bites in the state.

Bassett told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday the number will rise as more people travel this summer to the Caribbean and Latin America.

The mosquito-borne virus is causing an epidemic in those regions. It may cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Bassett urged pregnant women as well as couples planning to conceive to delay travel to Zika-affected areas.

PIX11 digital producer Katherine Lam contributed to this report.