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‘It’s like Twister and Simon Says had a baby’: High-tech NYC workout burns up to 1,000 calories

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NEW YORK – For years, it’s been the hottest fitness trend in Europe and now, it has arrived in the Big Apple.

It's a high-tech workout that incorporates pressure sensitive floors and walls – and no machines.

It’s called AG6, the super intense 45-minute, circuit-based class making its debut at Asphalt Green on the Upper East Side.

At first glance, it looks like the type of workout experience you would see in a movie like "Tron."

“We pre-program the whole system before we even start,” Jennifer Coccia, Director of fitness at Asphalt Green explained. “We have light and music that’ll tell you when to work and when to rest we have pre-marked floors, pressure sensitive walls and floors and you’re using your body weight, resistance span, slam balls, dumb bells.”

AG6 targets the entire body, training all six components of endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility and reaction time.

One thing that is highly advised by instructors: don’t underestimate the fancy lights and music.

Completing the full workout that’s chock full of non-stop squats, sprints, planks and much more, could burn up to 1,000 calories.

If you’re up for the challenge and want to sign up for an AG6 class, register on Asphalt Green’s official website.