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‘No Place to Call Home’: The search for veterans living in woods around NYC [Pt. 3]

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Part 3 of PIX11's revealing week-long series on the new reality of homelessness across our region.

NEW YORK — The woods of southern Suffolk County are not Fallujah, Bong Trang, nor are they Guadalcanal.  Yet it is in this dense brush just off of Sunrise Highway that on any given night a brave few can be spotted, flashlight in hand.

This is a search — for homeless veterans.

This job is challenging, it is more than simply a walk in the woods. Every time out, they put their safety at risk  This is a perilous existence for the men who took up residence nearly a half mile into the thick woods in Lindenhurst.

PIX11 News reporters Jay Dow and Mario Diaz are lifting the lid on homelessness — exposing the harsh reality of the new face of homelessness across our region.