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‘The Bedford Stop’ reality show about ‘latte-drinking airheads’ puts final nail in Williamsburg’s coffin

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn -- They’re the young hipsters that have set up shop in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg that star in a new YouTube series called “The Bedford Stop.”

Whether its brunch or getting that perfect tinder profile pic, it’s all documented for your viewing pleasure.

However, if you’re paying attention to the critics, it’s also perfect for “all of your hate-watching needs.”

“They say some obnoxious things but I don’t take them too seriously,” The Bedford Stop creator Mikey Ortiz told PIX11 News.

The 26-year-old, who is the sole brains behind the YouTube series, said he started filming the young women shortly after befriending them and making a revelation.

“I kinda just said one day you guys kinda remind me of a reality show, like the way you talk to each other,” he explained.

According to Ortiz, the final product that has now hit viral status “was just a vignette of a collection of moments that I thought were that you know people would want to talk about.”

And boy are they talking.

On YouTube the four young women – Alex, Sara, Oleena and Melissa – have been called everything from “pretentious trust fund babies” to “latte drinking airheads.”

And that’s not even the worst of it.

Despite the backlash, the show’s pilot episode has clocked in tens of thousands of views.

Suffice it to say, the show is a bit painful to watch especially if you’re not into hearing about drama at brunch.

Ortiz maintains his intentions were never to glamorize the clear bi-products of gentrification but to showcase a very small segment of the community that calls Brooklyn home sweet home.

“It’s definitely not like all of Brooklyn,” he said. “Its not even like all of Williamsburg. I mean its New York City I don’t think one person [could] represent New York City that’s the beauty of New York and Brooklyn.”

Watch at your own risk.