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#AllMyMovies: Hundreds wait in line to watch Shia LaBeouf’s movies with actor

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MANHATTAN — Hundreds waited in line Wednesday for a chance to watch all of Shia LaBeouf's movies with the star himself.

The actor hosted a free three-day movie marathon inside New York's Angelika theater. Fans are getting a chance to watch the films with LaBeouf. The Shia-a-thon started Tuesday and runs until Thursday at 8 p.m.

"Be part of the cultural phenomenon and just do it," Sekou Harris, a LaBeouf fan, said.

Anyone willing to wait in line can get a seat in the theater with the actor. Looking at the hype, LaBeouf won't be watching his films alone.

"It's worth the wait, I love Shia LaBeouf, can't wait to see his movies," a fan waiting in line said.

The fans waiting in line are all about Shia LaBeouf, all the time.

"I'm a fan of Shia I just want to see Shia," fan Constantine Bereza said.

There's also a live stream of LaBeouf watching all his flicks at the theater. The stream blew up all over social media.

"If you can talk to him in there what would say to him? I would try to get the best story out of him, snuggle up to him. So I can say I snuggled up with Shia LaBeouf," LaBeouf fan Jacob Shao said.

On the live feed LaBeouf seemed to only get up to go to the bathroom and to get more popcorn. He even dosed off a few times, but kept his eyes on screen for a majority of his movies.

"We talked at it work so my friend went. Not something you can normally do with an actor? Yeah, yeah," LeBeouf fan Katie Minard said.

As for why the marathon? Coordinators aren't talking. It is free, so for his fans its just a cool gift.