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Family demands answers in Lyndhurst library shooting

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LYNDHURST, N.J. — The family of Kevin Allen, 36,  a man shot by Lyndhurst Police inside the public library in May, want answers about his death. Roughly 30 people, including family members and friends, marched in front of the library today shouting: “no justice, no rest."

Allen’s family is demanding to see any video that exists of the shooting, they want to know how many times he was shot and who the officers are that killed him.

“How would they feel if it happened to them? Or one of their loved ones?” sobbed Nazeem Mack, Allen’s 14-year-old son, “We don’t deserve it. And he didn’t deserve it either. He didn’t deserve to die like that.”

The family says Allen was pepper sprayed and beaten with a baton before he was shot multiple times. They are disputing an allegation that Allen came at police with a box cutter.

“Some may say he had a checkered past, but he was not aggressive,” shouted another relative.

The officers involved are on leave while an investigation continues. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has not said yet if this case will go before a grand jury.

The family says they were able to have a meeting with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office but that the Prosecutor was unable to answer a lot of their questions. Until the officers involved are indicted or cleared, the prosecutor and police are expected to stay tight lipped about the details of the investigation.