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Delicious or disgusting: Would you eat a deep-fried Big Mac?

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Hold on to hearts: the chefs at Peep My Eats have come out with a new concoction, and the result is both terrifying and mouth-watering.


The deep-fried Big Mac is even more glutinous than the worst of the worst of fried fair food, which has included everything from deep-fried sweat tea, deep-fried lattes, deep-fried sriracha balls and deep-fried avocados.

It may even be worse than the Krispy Kreme burger, a hamburger patty held between two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, which is often topped with bacon and a fried egg as well.

The basic notion is you can deep-fry anything you add eggs and breadcrumbs to, and the (evil?) geniuses over at Peep My Eats have proven it.


Here’s the recipe they posted to their website:

The Twitterverse has been divided on the Big Mac debate, with half saying it looks delicious and the other half saying it looks disgusting.


Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit the deep-fried Big Mac is quite the accomplishment. Americans were able to take one of its most famously unhealthy foods and make it even less healthy. This is why we’re fat (but happy).

When all else fails, slather some of that delicious pink sauce. And maybe head to your doctor for a checkup immediately after consumption.