13 abandoned kittens found in Staten Island, and cat lovers open their homes

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BLOOMFIELD, Staten Island (PIX11) — A Staten Island woman who rescued 13 abandoned kittens Saturday has received dozens of emails from good Samaritans offering to open their homes to the adorable animals.

Tracy Parisi told The Staten Island Advance that she received a call from a friend who found the kittens on Glen Street near the West Shore Expressway in Bloomfield.

The kittens were discovered in three cardboard boxes along with a box of leftover pizza.

Since the Advance reported the story, asking anyone interested in adopting the kittens to contact Parisi emails have poured in.

She says she doesn’t think finding loving homes for the kittens will be a problem.

Parisi says the kittens were mostly likely born in a home because they were very friendly and clean.

The Westerleigh resident says the 13 kittens are only seven weeks old and weigh less than two pounds.

Parisi, who volunteers for the Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare, says dumping of animals on the street is not uncommon.

She says finding the three boxes of kittens was “a horrible and gross abandonment.”

Parisi says the kittens will being going to a vet to get tested and vaccinated.