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Teen who claims pot brownie partially paralyzed her gets rehab

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Allison Buchanan is still worried about her 17-year-old Daneile.

Daniele ingested part of a marijuana brownie back on Feb. 27.  She’s been partially paralyzed since, just now making some progress by walking with assistance.

Howard: “Did your daughter have any pre-existing conditions?”
Allison Buchanan: “No.”
Howard:  “Did she have any involvement with drugs earlier in her life?”
Allison: “No.”
Howard:  “Alcohol abuse, nothing?”
Allison: “No, never.”
Howard:  “She’s basically been a good kid.”
Allison: “Yes, a good child.”

Allison also had a problem with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. She says the insurer wouldn’t pay for her daughter’s rehab.  So she emailed me.

I got on the phone and exchanged a number of calls and emails with Empire.

An Empire spokesperson did tell me that the insurer did not deny Daneile’s original coverage.  She said Allison wanted Daneile to stay in the hospital because she is still unable to walk on her own. Empire was going to send her home to continue her rehab. By the end of the week, Empire had worked out it all out and Daneile was transferred to the Hospital for Joint Diseases.

Allison is grateful. "Thank you much for presenting the story the way you did…and getting approval for my daughter.”

But she’s still very worried. We’ll let you know about Daniele’s progress. And I hope it’s rapid.