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A look at NYPD ice and water rescue training

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) -- Deputy Inspector Jimmy Coan is the Commanding Officer of the NYPD Aviation unit. One of the units involved in the NYPD's weekly water and ice rescue drills. PIX11 News attended a training on Thursday on Staten Island.

Conan told us about the victims in the real life rescues. "It's really dangerous, you can't survive for very long in those frigid waters," said Coan.

The NYPD Emergency Services Unit, the Scuba team, the Harbor unit, and the Aviation team were all on hand at Silver Lake Park on Thursday morning on Staten Island.

"The ESU rescue and the Harbor unit, and the FDNY, we respond each day to somebody who went out onto the ice, or fell in the water, so everyday somebody is in some type of distress in a water rescue here in New York City," said Conan.

Isaac Everett, is a Police Officer with the NYPD  Scuba Team. He was a safety diver in one of the rescues we saw. "In case anything went wrong, I had my gear on in case I had to go in the water," said Everett.

Coan had a message for everyone this winter and every winter. "None of the ice is safe, do not go on the ice," said Coan.

Each week, they train for the worst, but keep hoping they don't have to ever use their training ever again.