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What to expect at Sunday’s Academy Awards

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Come Sunday evening while most of us will be picking out our outfits for the upcoming week, Hollywood’s elite will be converging for the 87th annual Academy Awards.

The show promises to have glitz, glamour and Doogie. Neil Patrick Harris will be the toast master this year and to say he has big shoes to fill would be the understatement of the century.

“I think that Neil Patrick Harris was the safe choice,” explained Pop culture and lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg. “I think it’s going to be practically impossible to match what Ellen [Degeneres] did for us.”

Degeneres, who orchestrated a now-historic moment at last year’s Academy Awards with an epic A-list selfie, was initially approached by producers to host again but declined.

As the big day approaches, there’s no denying that there are favorites. According to Greenberg, Moore and Arquette will dominate in their categories.

The fact that all 20 lead and supporting acting nominees are white will surely be a controversy looming over the awards ceremony and hopefully it will serve as a punch line or 20.