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NBA All Star Weekend: When and where to watch your favorite events

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All regular season games stop for several days in the middle of the NBA season to host events and performances ending with the All-Star Game on Sunday night.


Friday, Feb. 13

  • 7 PM @ ESPN All-Stars Celebrity Game: features retired NBA players, WNBA players, actors, musicians, and athletes from other sports
  • 9 PM @ TNT  Rising Stars Challenge: features first and second-year players that are assigned to two honorary captains

Saturday, Feb. 14

The following events will air on TNT starting at 8:30 PM

  • Shooting Stars Competition: a retired NBA player, a current NBA player and a WNBA player compete together in a shooting competition.
  • Skills Challenge: players must go through a timed obstacle course of dribbling, shooting and passing.
  • Three-Point Shootout: best point shooters in the NBA have one minute to score up to 30 points
  • Slam Dunk Contest: the best, youngest dunkers in the league are graded out of 10 by 5 judges for each move

Sunday, Feb. 15

  • 2:30 PM @ NBA TV D-League All-Star Game: features the best players from the NBA Development League
  • 8:40 PM @TNT All-Star Game: the best players from around the nation, as voted by fans, play against each other. They are divided between Eastern and Western Conferences.

For information on all events, visit NBA’s list.