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Rare black tiger cub tries to be fearsome, but is insanely adorable instead

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HANGZHOU, China (PIX11) — A 25-day-old black tiger cub hammed it up for the cameras during a photoshoot in Hangzhou, China and instead of being fearsome, it just looks insanely adorable.

The black cub is not a separate tiger species. The black coloring is caused by a condition called pseudo-melanism.

Some researchers believe the condition is actually becoming more common, due to inbreeding, which weakens genetics of the animals, according to the Daily Mail.

It is unclear what happened to the cub’s mother, as it was photographed nursing from a dog.



  • Tigers Don't Have Spots

    That is a black jaguar (or possibly a leopard; but likely jaguar due to the low placement of the cat’s ears). You can even see the SPOTS in several photos.

  • candmllsp

    And why is that chain around the dogs neck?? It is definitely a leopard or jaguar cub. They are black so they can hunt at night while the others hunt during the day. That way everyone has enough food. Both comments above me are correct!!

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