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Texts Officer Darren Wilson sent after Michael Brown shooting released

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FERGUSON, Missouri (PIX11) -- Text messages from officer Darren Wilson have been released by his friend, Jake Shepard, according to the Daily MailOnline.

Wilson, the officer who pulled the trigger in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has sent multiple texts since the incident, according to Shepard.

One of the texts Wilson sent Shepard reads, "The support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe. I appreciate all you have done." Later a text was received reading, "I can't go out."

The website says Shepard "showed the messages to MailOnline because he wanted the public to get a more accurate picture of the friend he described as always having 'pure intentions.'"



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    • kendra

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    • Citizen

      I don’t wish death upon you, but I won’t mourn the loss of your comments and influence in the world when you die. This is a wake up call to all law enforcement to watch their backs and get cameras!

    • Deborah Wallace


  • Dana Scruggs

    Get a grip!! You assume he is a racist and in the wrong because he is white and that is why YOU ARE IN FACT THE RACIST!!!!!

    • mandy

      Dana- did you not read the text correct or did you purposely ignore the racist comment “Nigger”, your just as guilty to called racist as well, your an ignorant BITCH standing up for your own kind!!!#Teamheartless…

  • Paula

    Not understanding how those texts make it show he had ‘pure intentions’ as stated by his friend. Am I missing something?????????

  • marie

    It’s mind staggering how people who are not officers don’t understand the job that they do. I do not believe this man went out to shoot black kids that day. While it is sad that a life was lost, I do not believe that this man acted in cold blood. People are claiming racism because the officer was white and the teen black. But had the officer been black all you assholes would still be sitting down not doing a damn thing like any other day. This is like calling our soldiers over seas murders because they are performing the duties they must. Soldiers kill children every day. It’s a sad fact. But a fact nonetheless. Ignorance is a disease that infests all of your minds. Sadly there is no cure

    • Gerald

      I’m a veteran,for you to use the analogy of war to the incident is idiotic. You shot to kill in war to protect your countries intrest. As a police officer you shot to disable and apprehend. I see your opinion as .

      • John

        Police officers do not shoot to wound. An officer discharging his firearm is considered deadly physical force. Although a Police Officer does not shoot to kill, they are not shooting to wound either… This is confusing but the best way I can explain it is shoot until the threat is neutralized. (Some cases this means death other cases it does not.) Shooting to wound is very impractical at least in most police situations and if you are shooting to wound what happens when you “miss” and kill someone. (Arm and leg shots are not easy on a moving target police are trained to shoot center mass.)

    • kendra

      Only a small minded person would think like that. That cop kill that kid in cold blood. Only someone that is very naive bout racism would think otherwise.

    • Ian Tittle

      so you have to be an cop to know what they deal with how about haveing to black to know what they deal with everyday and see you really thing that these people in this town is acting the way they are cause of this one killing this tragic event is actually the thing that borke the camels back and this one is heavy

    • jerry

      thank you maria….some one who can see just what the fuck happen ….an just to ad to your coment a black cop did shoot an kill a white kid any got away with it were is al sharpen did cnn cover this story nope
      did cnn hln msn fox cover the rape an murder of the white couple leaving there apt an kiddnaped then torchured for 3 days nope not one network ever aired the story

  • Maurice

    First and foremost, I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Michael Brown.
    Now, I find it extremely difficult to give my (Black People) a pass on their REPREHENSIBLE behavior. I understand the reason outrage that followed this tragedy. What I neither understand nor agree with, is the LACK of outrage when black people commit FAR WORSE crimes to each other. Furthermore, what purpose does it serve to loot, pillage, and burn the stores, and shopping centers in YOUR OWN COMMUNITY!? Then, have the audacity to complain that “they (white people) don’t respect us”.
    To be respected, you must be respectable. That begins with looking in the mirror, and correcting the way we treat oursrlves, before we complain about being mistreated by others.

    • kitty

      Are saying that black people are the only people that kill members of their own race? Maybe you should take a break out of feeling sorry for whites and go research white on white crime. Then when you finish go research black organizations that rally against crimes in their own neighborhoods because clearly based on your justifications, sympathizing, and criticism you aren’t involved in any sort of movement aside from being a house negro. You are worse than the police officer that killed Mike Brown. #lostone

  • Rita

    White people have done far worst crime to many other races, so you can’t say this man couldn’t do it when history tell us you are capable of it. Judge your own race, before you try to talk about another.

  • Kidd

    I love the guy above who says ‘he didn’t wake up wanting to go shoot black people’ or something along those lines. Maybe he didn’t wake up wanting to, but a black kid certainly got him agitated that morning on patrol. I don’t see how anyone could defend this officer. My cousin is a state trooper here in NY, and that autopsy report was seen by her superiors, internal affairs would be all over her, and it would be her burden to prove that he was a danger to the community. These praising this officer on here are also probably the same ones that commented on articles by the white mass shooters calling them ‘misguided’ and Michael brown a ‘thug’.

  • mike

    Gotta love ignorant people. In my view, this officer did not have the intention to kill a black kid, for anyone to make this statement simply needs their head examined. Also, you have a lot of stupid protesters out there looting, throwing rocks and fireworks and are not helping the situation at all. What happened was a tragedy and young mans life was lost, but Wilson did not seek out Brown and kill him. That is a stupid comment to make.

  • Allen

    This world will always be divided by educational, financial, cultural and racial lines. The comments here are proof of that. I’m Black-American. Proud of my culture and a proud human being and as such I can equally say that MLK had it right when he said ” injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. I am no bigot. I do not place my culture above no other human being but I am racist in that I have pride and love for my culture. I’m guilty of that. This shooting would disgust me if the cop was black. Hands down. I wore my country’s uniform ( Army MP), I was a Corrections Officer. I know the pressures of the job. I do not believe his intent was to murder this kid, I believe he used horrible judgment in the end. The fifth and sixth shots in my humble opinion were the kill shots AFTER the kids hands were up…That probably and should be explained further by the proper authorities IF in deed that is the truth. If the cop was threatened or felt so, did the threat to him only end after the shot to the kids eye or the one to the head? I say the head since it was the last one. Officer Wilson killed Michael Brown and if the skin colors were reversed I would still say this…it was tragic, in some ways stupid, but not premeditated. Jail time? Based on what’s been made public to date, absolutely. Lastly to all of my fellow Black folks, we should be angry, mad, pissed off and want justice but let’s also be just as vocal and angry over black on black crime in our own communities. Then watch how our voices are truly heard. Stop being selective in our anger. Just opinions…

    • bbblairii

      If the roles and reversed, a black cop shooting a white teenager, the cop would have already be in jail and would have been butt raped and killed by the white inmates by now, if the white officers don’t kill him first. Not sitting in his home with 24hr protection foh

      • Speaker of the Truth

        That is ridiculously false. First of all, the number of black cops is extremely low. They’re waaaayyyyy too cool rapping about shooting and killing cops. They wouldn’t be accepted by their peers if they joined an academy. Second, the black cop would be protected the exact same way. It’s backwards thinking like this that perpetuates racism. Black people need to stop using the race card every single time. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were law breakers. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. DEAL WITH IT!!!

    • Speaker of the Truth

      Allen, thank you very much for your service. Everything you said is spot on, however, I hope that you mean black people should be angry because of the culture that exists within the black community, where it’s cooler for kids to become gangsters than it is to become a cop (or fireman, doctor, etc etc). That’s the real issue here behind stopping occurrences such as this. Black men across the country need to speak up and change what is considered “cool”, and start being FATHERS. Barack Obama had a perfect opportunity to be hugely influential in beginning the change, but he’s not stepped up to the plate.

  • Shannon

    My question is….why is there such a low number of black police officers?…did they apply for the job and was denied & if so there should have been protests wayyyyy before this. The fact is we need to start policing our own communities.

    • Brian

      So Shannon, they should protest because they didn’t get hired, not because they didn’t score high enough on a written, physical or psychological test? You want the best qualified or the best skin tone for their town? Lowering standards to accept certain groups is never going to help. You may like what you see driving past you, doesn’t mean he/she can do the job well.

  • mike

    Black on Black crime is never addressed by a so called leader like Al Sharpton. So yeah i’m no fan of Al Sharpton, the man doesn’t speak for me and i do not see him as a leader in the Black Community. Prior to Garner’s death, the police warned him a week prior to his death with regards to selling unlicensed cigarettes. As we speak, the Staten Island D.A. has decided to bring a case to a grand jury for criminal charges. We’ll see what happens in that regard. I have a feeling in the case of Brown that murder charges will be brought up against Darren Wilson, but again this murder was not in cold blood. The video of Brown robbing a store was to show that this individual was a criminal and not an angel, and meant in no way to tarnish his name and i am surprised the governor of Missouri Jay Nixon felt this way. Overall as a nation we all need to find a way to find some of common ground, too much violence in the streets, too much shouting and turmoil back and forth isn’t going to solve anything.

  • kitty

    How do we know what his intent was when one person is dead and the other is in hiding passing messages. Although, I am not using the word racist- I also know that you don’t just walk up to someone casually and put 6 bullets in him. If this is how law enforcement treats suspects in a crime, then the whole country needs to be protesting. This is not just a black thing, it is a human race thing!

  • Queensrise

    Amazement at some of the comments left. To say it was not murder it was to call travon Martin a criminal is ignorant. Please prove his criminal history. Check the video it was a prior date than what was said and the store came out and discredited the video. Race plays a large factor as everyone is prejudice against something and the image of people of darker complexion is on a scarred by the media and the crap we allow to be perpetrated. I can not say it was or wasnt in cold blood was not there. I was not present neither was most who have commented. It was murder none the less. With no criminal record I trying to figure out how he could be proved to be one as in the tape I could not tell if it was the young man. It may be me. Lastly please stop saying that the tape was to show he was no angel it wasn’t to defame or discredited the young man. To show someone is not as honest or innocent as people may think you must discredit them to an extent. Js

    • DownSouthLouisiana

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      Big boy if u think all whites are racist!!! Obviously u havnt been to New Orleans Louisiana bc down here it don’t matter the motha fuckin color of the skin black white brown it don’t fucoin matter you my brotha u my brotha than!! As far as the cops if we didn’t have them it would be Kaos but just like we have dirty people they have dirty pigs plain and simple! R.I.P- MIKE BROWN, prayers to the family and friends!! Keep yalls head up ya heard me and stand up for what’s rite but also please remember not all whites are racist!! As united states citizens we all need to stand and fight together for what’s happening to our country the government and the cops are corrupt and we needa make a change

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  • grow up

    Is it possible Mike Brown was the aggressor? If so, his death was a tragedy. However, people that assail a cop should be prepared to pay the price. On the other hand, if the officer was the aggressor, he should be charged with murder.

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