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Rev. Jesse Jackson believes unrest in Ferguson caused by ‘long train of abuses’

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FERGUSON, Mo. (PIX11) -- Rev. Jesse Jackson sat with down PIX11 to discuss the growing unrest in Ferguson after the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown by a police officer.

Jackson believes the only thing that will deescalate the situation is when the investigation moves forward, and people feel closer to justice.

Jackson says Ferguson police made a mistake swinging from bringing in tanks, then having no police presence whatsoever.

He believes there was no real tipping point to the outrage in Ferguson -- he says it all was "a long train of abuses."

"There's a sense that the justice system isn't working for us," Jackson said.

He believes that the National Guard may make things in the city quieter, but the force won't be able to bring justice to the people of Ferguson.

Jackson had one message for the people affected by the conflict:

"5,000 registered voters ... they can elect mayors who can appoint police and fire chiefs. This city has latent power that must now be exercised."

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