Could this be the worst local commercial ever?

(PIX11) – This cringe-worthy local commercial shot in a mall preparing for back-to-school week is being hailed as the worst ever on Reddit.

The East Hills shopping center in St. Joseph, Missouri, may be getting a flood of customers after all, but it certainly won’t be from the video’s production value.

One Redditor joked, “Looks like a last ditch effort to keep a mall from going under.”

Another said, “I’m from here and know one of the girls and now I have ammunition for life to make fun of her with. I will say that I have yet to see a local commercial around here that’s any good.”

Others claim that the video was created by these guys, which might explain the consistent, painfully-high framing of the shots.

The only thing that’s certain in the Amazon age, however, is that any Internet buzz is good buzz.  Watch below:


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