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Facebook to users: Download messenger app or else

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Social media giant Facebook is making its customers download the app in order to use their mobile messaging system. (Getty Images)

Social media giant Facebook is making its customers download the app in order to use their mobile messaging system. (Getty Images)

(CNN) – For mobile users who text with friends via Facebook, it’s almost time to download the social-media giant’s dedicated app for doing so, or lose the ability.

Facebook says that, for the next few days, it will be notifying people that if they want to continue sending mobile message, they’ll need to download the Messenger app.

“As we’ve said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experiences,” a Facebook spokeswoman said Tuesday in a written statement.

“Messenger is used by more than 200 million people every month, and we’ll keep working to make it an even more engaging way to connect with people.”

In April, Facebook announced the change was coming. It has been rolled out to Android and iOS users in parts of Europe and elsewhere since then, and is now coming to the United States.

In November, after Facebook launched Messenger 3.0, the company discontinued messaging in the core Facebook app for people who already had Messenger.

The good news for people still using just the Facebook app is that they’ll be able to message friends in much the same way they do now. Once both apps are installed, tapping the “message” icon on the Facebook app will simply send the user to Messenger. They’ll be able to return via a “return to Facebook” icon.

The popularity of apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, which Facebook purchased in February, are helping change the rules for texting. Wireless plans that charge for texting are becoming a thing of the past in the United States, though they remain the norm in places like India, South America and Africa, where WhatsApp has become a popular, nearly free alternative.


  • Peter Carey

    The fact that the use policy allows the app to use any part of your phone or tablet at anytime ( I.e . Microphone, camera, contacts and photos etc etc ) is what creeped me out. They can basically take over your phone and turn it into a spy device for what ever reason they want without your knowledge. Sorry but we already have the Obama administration doing that to us we don’t need more of that. By bye messenger.

  • tgcconsulting

    Peter you seem a bit paranoid.

    If your an Android user Root your phone and there are plenty of applications that allow you to change the permissions after the app has installed.

    Now if your an Apple user, well Jailbreak and look in the cydia store for similar applications to restrict functionality.

    If you lack the ability to do either of these, consider going back to a flip phone.

    • Kali

      Why should I as the app user have to be bothered to have to reset the app’s permissions after download so that FB will keep its greedy tentacles out of my phone functions and data?

      I won’t be. FB messaging can go fvck itself.

    • rigorkrad

      you have to root your device if you run android to change permissions after you install an app?????? is this the dark ages??? you have to jailbreak your iPhone to change permissions???? i checked iOS 7. the only privacy i can disable for messenger was “contacts”. it wasn’t listed in anything else, like photos, microphone, etc. i deleted the app i don’t want to run it. ill just use safari to send messages. i don’t want to give them access to my entire phone

    • Lew

      Just because he might seem to you to be paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t using the app for some purpose of their own. Just recently we learned that the Facebook crowd was skewing the news feed to see the reactions of users. Perhaps we all should be as concerned as Peter.

  • Chris

    You realize you can deny any/all of those permissions…. iOS prompts you for each one and you can deny them. The app should still work if you don’t allow it to access photos/camera.. you just cant send photos then

    • feelingmoody

      Not an option for Android users. Accept what is being requested or cancel install. Nothing in between.

    • rigorkrad

      i installed it on my iPhone to test it. i clicked okay on everything. after the install the only privacy setting i was allowed to change was contacts. it wasn’t listed under any other category like “microphone”. i trashed the app

  • feelingmoody

    @TGC: don’t confuse the willingness to root or jailbreak a smartphone with the ability to do so. In my personal case, I don’t think that going through the process to take my phone off the grid should be necessary to prevent unwarranted permissions. In this particular case, FB can take their ultimatum & pound sand. Folks can use one of the other 37 methods to get in touch with me.


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