Cat from hell: Cat attacks woman as she records video trying to get rid of him

One woman was so fed up with her aggressive cat, she posted a video trying to get someone to adopt it.

In the video, the woman says she’s willing to give her “loving” pet away for free.

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“I decided to get rid of my loving cat,” the woman says as the animal bites her. “He’s free, with a litter box.”

As she calls the cat “kind,” it continues to hiss, pounce and bite her hands and arms.

Caught on camera: Cat saves boy from dog attack

“He loves to play, I think he’s teething,” she says sarcastically.

After smacking it off the couch, the woman turns to the camera and says, “This cat is stressing me out. I don’t want him anymore. If you want him, let me know and I’ll pack him up in a box today and give him to you, for free.”




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