Signs popping up around Crown Heights ask people to ‘dress modestly’

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Signs have been popping up in Crown Heights asking people to “show some respect” and to “dress modestly this is a Jewish community.”

One Rabbi told PIX11 News he agrees with the signs.

“A woman should cover up, she doesn’t have to display what she’s got,” he said.

But on a hot summer afternoon a woman wearing a short skirt and halter top told PIX11 the Orthodox community should show tolerance and accept others for who they are especially when it is hot outside.

The signs aren’t affiliated with any temple or Orthodox organization.

Elisheva Schwartz, who is Orthodox says she is offended by the signs.

“I think it is very important we don’t inflict our views on everyone.”

Schwartz said it’s the diversity that makes Brooklyn so great.


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